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2013-03-17 23:47:00

Good evening

I like been relied upon
I really like it a lot

having that said
my head is fully spinning (*^^*)

I wonder if this is what endulging into work means (*^^*)

After work has ended
I went to get a massage for the first time in a whileー!

I sweat a lot
and my body was also quite worm

so I felt that my body was really happy with it★

if I have time I defintely
want to make time to go get a bathrock bath

fuu~ Having poor circulation isn't good for you (´・_・`)

Good night everyone♡


[Umeda Ayaka] Since when(241´・ω・`)
Umeda Ayaka
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2012-06-03 21:10:43

The clothes I was wearing today during the handshake event!
I wore things I really love

Pink, which I really love
See-through, which I really love
Patticoat skirt, which I really love

triple Love ( ̄∀ ̄)笑っ

I love them, I love them

I was told it looks like a costume
it's cause I really love costumes (*^^*)

by the way
the tops are from 「LADY MADE」

Patticoat skirt is from 「one spo」

everyone who came towards the handshake event
Thank you very much

have a safe trip home

「At the election
let's do the victory pose together」
is what I told a lot today

Thank you
I'm really being supported

Right now, I feel like I'm being spoiled a little

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2012-05-31 22:59:07 ...today's look...

Pink x White

my hair
I wanted to show off my forehead
so I went with pompadour style
and wound up my hair (*^^*)

It's been a while since I've let out my forehead
so I'm glad that it felt nice♪

I could see more of the world than usual ♪

------Mayuchi Cutter----

▽ About the solo event
It's seems quite difficult.
Were you allowed to do stuff you like
during the event?
A. yes!
The staff of the cafe said
if you have something you'd like to do, whatever it may be, just say soー!
that was really nice of them
I was allowed to do the things I loved
to my hearts content ♪

▽ I want that bookmark~
And want to treasure them while they are in my heart
A. There are a lot of people that say that (*^^*)
Since everyone wants to use them
I want to give them to everyone...
but what would be a good way to give it to all of you?

▽ Have you become someone that tears up quickly lately?
A. yes 笑
Anything makes me cry these daysー

I want to know the song you sang first! it had nice lyrics!
A. 1st song: A song for XX..
2nd song: Boys&Girls
both are songs by Hamasaki Ayumi-san ♪

I'm really grateful to be alive now

I want to protect the ones I love
but I don't have the confidence
and as to not regret anything
I'll treasure it all, is what I thought this evening

since life is precious

Now then, tomorrow as well
I'll be living
so that someone else's smile (*^^*)


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